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Nanny Cam spy equipment for the home or office. Our color nanny cam clock radio wireless spy camera kit includes everything you need to start secretly filming right away.
Nanny Cam spy equipment for the home or office. Our color nanny cam clock radio wireless spy camera kit includes everything you need to start secretly filming right away.

Color Nanny Cam Clock Radio Wireless Spy Camera Package

This color Nanny Cam clock radio wireless spy camera package is a hidden video camera system and works extremely well in normal-light situations.

The Nanny Cam wireless spy video camera is one of the absolute best of all hidden video spy cameras for the home or workplace. When we first saw this nanny cam, we knew that there was a hidden spy camera inside. Nevertheless, as hard as we looked, we could not find the camera behind the glass! Both the camera and transmitter are inside and one chord powers the entire unit. It's a fully functional clock radio.

Some Uses for the Nannycam Include:

  • Secretly monitor activity in any room of your home or office.
  • Suspicions of infidelity or extramarital affairs can be verified.
  • Keep an eye on the nanny or babysitter when you're away.
  • Business owners can keep an eye on valuable inventory, minimize theft and eliminate non-productivity.

    This unit provides a full 70 degree field of view. The video system hidden inside this clock radio is fully integrated. There are no extraneous cables coming from this unit. In fact, the only cable that is exposed is the exact same AC power cable that the manufacturer of this AM/FM alarm clock radio supplied.

    This clock radio system is a completely wireless system requiring no special skills. Anyone on the planet can operate this system!

    How does it work?

    Simply plug the clock radio into any AC outlet in your home in the area that you would like to place under live video surveillance. Attach the included wireless receiver to any VCR or television in your home. That is all there is to it.

    Most customers place the VCR in their basement or garage to avoid detection from the nanny or video surveillance subject. You are getting a full video system! This product is simply the easiest to use video surveillance device sold.

    To operate, you first remove the clock radio from the box. Plug the AC cord from the clock radio into your wall outlet. Face the front of the clock radio in the general area you wish to monitor. Next, plug the included receiver into an AC outlet close to your TV or VCR. Plug the included rca cable into video out of our receiver and the other end into video in of your TV or VCR. Turn your television or VCR channel to "video" or "auxiliary video" and you will see your live razor sharp video image. To record while away, simply set your vcr timer appropriately.

    Remember, they will not be aware that there is a camera inside of this radio. Even you will not be able to spot it! We also include the directions for the clock radio itself. Our unit is designed for years of trouble free sustained use. There is never a need to turn the unit off. Again, the Nanny Cam clock radio wireless spy camera is the one of the best pieces of covert surveillance video cameras for the home or office that money can buy. If you're looking for the ultimate hidden video spy cam, then you've just found it!

    Your Purchase Includes:

  • Fully integrated high resolution wireless clock radio camera
  • Perfectly matched 2.4 gigahertz receiver including power supply
  • Plug and Play video cable for the receiver
  • Fully operational clock radio
  • Full two year replacement warranty
  • Price: 

    $399.00 ea.

    Sale Price: 

    $329.00 ea.


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