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The new Diasonic DDR-1200 series gives you 19 continuous hours of digital voice and phone recording time.
The new Diasonic DDR-1200 series gives you 19 continuous hours of digital voice and phone recording time.

Diasonic DDR-1200 Series Digital Voice/Telephone Recorder - 19 hours of recording time

This tiny and economical recorder offers 19 hours recording capacity with 32Mb internal memory, excellent sound quality and very small size (4" x 1" X 1/2").


  • Set the recorder for "Voice Activated".
  • Plug it into any phone jack in your house.
  • When the phone is picked up, it will record.
  • When the phone is hung up, it will stop recording.
  • Unplug the recorder later and hear the conversations that were recorded.

    For voice recording, the DDR-1232 offers a high quality built-in microphone as well as an included "tie clip" type microphone. By switching on the "ARS" (automatic recording system), a voice activation and automatic gain control circuit takes over and only records when sound is present, eliminating blank spaces in recording.

    For telephone recording, simply connect the included analog telephone recording control module to your single line phone jack and all your phone calls, from any extension on line, will be automatically recorded with crystal clarity. Recorder will begin recording when a call is started and stop when conversation is complete. All of your recordings can be uploaded via line out port to your PC with included software. You may elect to simply play back your recordings on the built in speaker or re-record to a cassette for permanent storage. In any case, all necessary software and cables are included with the unit.


  • Microphone Sensitivity: -45db
  • Out Power : Max 80mW (speaker 8ohm) / Max 5mW (earphone 16ohm)
  • Frequency Response : / 300Hz~4KHz(Voice Recorder)
  • Power source : AAA* 2EA 10 hrs. operation sampling
  • Memory Capacity : 32MB
  • Requirements: Ram 64MB, 20MB of free hdd space
  • OS : Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP


  • Telephone recording Adapter included.
  • Built-in Microphone
  • 32MB Memory
  • 19 Hours Record Time
  • Excellent Voice Reproduction
  • Upload Cable And Software (Not USB)
  • Hi-fi Earphones
  • External "tie clip" Mic
  • Carrying Strap
  • Price: 

    $259.00 ea.

    Sale Price: 

    $199.00 ea.


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