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Real time GPS fleet vehicle tracking system: The ProTrak Ranger GPS fleet vehicle tracking system for real time monitoring from your computer.
Real time GPS fleet vehicle tracking system: The ProTrak Ranger GPS fleet vehicle tracking system for real time monitoring from your computer.

ProTrak Ranger real time vehicle tracking system: GPS fleet vehicle tracking from your computer

Vehicle tracking in real time from ANY computer with an internet connection for only $25.00 per month! GPS fleet tracking is now both simple and affordable.

As close to live tracking as possible, the Protrak Ranger is a small, magnetic GPS vehicle tracking system that operates up to 120 days on internal AA batteries.

The Protrak Ranger is easy to deploy and the water-resistant case gives you the flexibility to place the unit inside or outside the vehicle.

Please call us if you have questions!

How does the Protrak Ranger work?

The Ranger is a small, battery operated real time vehicle tracking system that uses cellular data service to communicate. The Protrak Ranger is available as a black COVERT unit with an amplified GPS antenna that mounts magnetically OR as an ASSET TRACKER with internal antennas and mounts with screws. Both versions are available with external power and relay capability.




The Protrak Ranger fleet vehicle tracking system is motion sensitive and begins to gather GPS data when the vehicle starts and sends the data over the Internet to a server. The data is sent using GPRS data service and a two-way connection is made. The data is stored on the server and is available anytime you connect.

How Does The Protrak Ranger Communicate?

The PROTRAK Ranger uses the latest cellular data technology (GPRS) to provide reliable communications. The Ranger contacts the server and sends location and status data as well as any data held in memory.

The server acknowledges receipt of the data and then delivers any new instructions to the Ranger. This is a true two-way “real-time” connection (“SMS” is just one way with no acknowledgement).

If the Protrak Ranger GPS fleet vehicle tracking system loses cellular service for any reason, travel information is held in memory (2000 positions) until the server is reached. It is then sent on for processing. Since bad cellular connections are always possible the internal memory assures that you get all of the travel data from your units.

How Do I Get The Vehicle Tracking Information?

When you start your computer you sign on to the Internet in your usual way. Then you start the PROTRAK Ranger software and it automatically connects to the server. All of the data from your units is sent to your computer automatically in just a few seconds.

As the data is processed, the location of your units is displayed on the map and the routes and transit addresses are available for you to view, playback and print reports. The PROTRAK Ranger software uses the latest available maps from "GDT" providing accurate location and street information.

The Protrak Ranger fleet vehicle tracking system software will reconnect to the server every 5 minutes to gather more data from your units. If you keep an open Internet connection and leave the PROTRAK Ranger software running in the foreground or background, the most recent location information on all of your units will continually be displayed.

How Do I Activate The Protrak Ranger?

The Ranger fleet vehicle tracking system is designed to be used in North America using Cingular/ATT service. The unit is delivered with an internal SIM already programmed for activation.

To activate the Protrak Ranger GPS vehicle tracking device, review the service plan information that is included with the unit. Once you have decided which plan meets your needs, call the toll-free number and provide billing and credit card information as well as the SIM I.D. and Unit I.D. (both are noted on the paperwork). We will process your request and enter the activation information. Activation usually takes 2-4 hours.

The Service plans are billed in advance and your credit card will be automatically charged every 3 months for the service you choose (except short term plan). An invoice will be mailed or emailed to you quarterly for your records. Please review the terms of service in your activation paperwork.

Why Do I Need A Service Plan?

The Ranger fleet vehicle tracking system uses the latest two-way cellular data service and this service is only available on a yearly plan from the provider. Most of our customers plan to use the unit on a regular basis and the basic plan costs just $25 per month for 250 Kb of data or about 4000 locates. This is more than enough information for most customers – yet it is a fraction of the cost of other technologies. The provider does not credit for unused data service so we encourage you to use the Ranger as often as possible.

The Short Term Plan (3 Months) that we offer includes activation and early termination fees and that is why the monthly charges are higher.

Why Is The Ranger Better?

The Ranger is designed to take advantage of the latest cellular data technology and the expansion of the Cingular/ATT network. GPRS is true two-way “real-time” communications and is much more reliable, faster and cheaper than other methods.

The Ranger includes a 2000 position internal memory to compensate for cellular difficulties and poor connections. You get all the travel information even if cellular service is interrupted.

To improve battery life we use the best power supply design available and no cost was spared.

4000 locates for just $25.00 per month

To build a better fleet vehicle tracking system, we designed it better from the ground up. Better Communications, Internal Memory, Better Battery Life, and a Lower Cost To Operate puts the Protrak Ranger in a class by itself.


$689.00 ea.

Sale Price: 

$479.00 ea.


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